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Last modified: July 1, 2014 (revision history)

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Intended Use

The ParanoidPaul service is intended for use as described on this website only. You cannot subscribe using any email address that you do not own. Automated submissions are also forbidden. Any other type of use is forbidden.


This is a free service. I reserve the right to terminate it at any time for any reason, or to cease sending you notification updates if I see that you are using this service for any purpose other than its intended use. While I do my best to maintain and add content to this site, I do so using my own free time. I pay for the web hosting servers myself, so there may come a time when I can no longer afford to offer this service for free.

Content Ownership

All of the privacy-related document content that appears on this website is owned by its authors and is the responsibility of the owner of that website. I will not be held liable for any of the changes made to those external, already public, privacy documents.

Data Integrity

The content of all of the privacy-related documents appearing on this website comes from the original source and is NEVER modified or altered in any way whatsoever. The content is shown as plain text, so its formatting may appear different than the original. I will not be held liable for any discrepancies that exist between the plain-text version shown on this website and the original, whether due to software glitches or other unintentional errors.

Revision History Changes

If you're unhappy with a revision change from a particular website, get in touch with that site. Hopefully over time, this will force companies to be more transparent and accountable for changes that they make concerning your privacy. Revision history comments are added by ParanoidPaul and are my attempt to give you an objective and brief update on what changed, in order to help you decide whether or not to view those changes. They do not reflect my opinion or my interpretation of the change.

History Comparisons

I am not liable for any discrepancies found in the document comparison algorithm. While I do believe that it works as intended (and I've been testing it since 2010), it is possible for some software glitches to exist. You may always choose to copy and paste two versions and view their differences with your comparison tool of choice.


While I personally decide which changes should be sent out to my subscribers, this is only to prevent insignificant notifications from being sent. Only typographical changes or page formatting updates will be deemed insignificant. You will be notified about any other change, for all documents you subscribe to, up to once per day, even if it's a terminology or phrasing change. Some changes may seem minor to me, but may be significant to you. Every notification email contains an unsubscribe link, which does not expire so you can easily opt out at any time. You may also choose to modify the items in your Watch List at any time.

If something were to happen to me or my code resulting in a notification failure to one of your Watch List documents, or resulting in a delayed notification, I will not be held liable for that omission or for any harm that may result.

Updates Made To This Document

I firmly believe that any change made to a legal document that concerns you should be transparent, and the owner should be accountable for any such change. My website is no different. The revision history for this document is available in my inventory. You may choose to subscribe to this document to get notified when updates are made, just like any other document available through ParanoidPaul.

Accessibility and Copyright

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