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Last modified: August 11, 2014 (revision history)

In order to use ParanoidPaul, you must agree to the Privacy Policy (this document) as well as the Terms and Conditions.

Your Information

When you subscribe to privacy documents through this service, your name and email address are collected for the sole purpose of sending you a notification when a change is made by the authors of the documents in question. Your name and email address will never be sold or used for any other purpose whatsoever except for sending you this notification. I also store the list of documents that you've chosen to keep track of, so that I know which updates to send you.

Your IP address and information about the software you used to access the site (browser, operation system) is collected so that I can learn more about the types of users that visit my site, and to protect myself from misuse or abuse of the services provided herein. When your Watch List subscription is initiated or altered, the validation email you receive will include the stated name, email address and IP address of the person who filled out the form. This is to protect against unauthorized use of your email address.

In creating this website, I have chosen to limit the amount of user data that I store. This is why I don't ask my users to create an account. In order to access your Watch List, you will be sent a unique link that, if unused, will expire automatically after 24 hours.


Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. ParanoidPaul uses cookies to keep track of the items that you add to your Watch List. Once created, they expire automatically after 30 days or right away when items are removed from the Watch List. If you are using a public computer, you may choose to empty all of the items in your Watch List. You can do this by clicking on the "remove all" link on the bottom right of the Watch List list or, if you have active items, via the "new user?" link on the bottom left. When your Watch List is empty, all cookies created and used by this website are removed.

Updates Made To This Document

I firmly believe that any change made to a legal document that concerns you should be transparent, and the owner should be accountable for any such change. My website is no different. The revision history for this document is available in my inventory. You may choose to subscribe to this document to get notified when updates are made, just like any other document available through ParanoidPaul.

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